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Welcome.  I'm glad you made it.  The focus on this website will be at first, World of Warcraft.  There are many online games to play from home.  I thought this would be a great one because it is so popular and it can be really confusing. 

So, I will publish articles of tips and tricks to help you in WoW and hopefully it will calm the confusion.  And when you're looking for more information, tips and tricks feel free to visit a site I found: www.WorldofWarcraftExperts.com.  They're pretty new, yet adding more info all of the time.

Have fun!  And enjoy.

The Benefits of Leveling Your Guild in World of Warcraft

If you are new to the World of Warcraft, then you may not understand the perks that come along with leveling your guild. The guild levels along with players as they quest. Each quest that gets turned in, a little bit of experience goes into the guild. The higher the guild level, the better the perks are for all of the players within that guild. Here are a few of the perks that come along with a high level guild.

Guild Level 1-10

The main perks that come along with a guild that is leveling up from level one to ten are increases in what players receive when questing. For example, players gain extra experience from quests and mobs, their equipment takes less damage, and they can earn increases in reputation. Plus, once the guild gets high enough, whenever a player loots money, a small portion goes directly into the guild bank. This allows you to be able to use guild funds for repairs and buying new bank tabs. Players will also get extended cauldron buffs and lower hearth waiting times when they help with the leveling of their guild.

Guild Level 11-20

During this span, the guild offers players slightly different perks for leveling. One of the ranks allows players to summon an instant guild bank to them on occasion, giving more chances for the guild to farm gear or materials for everyone inside the guild. There are also perks like increased reputation gains, justice and honor points, instant mail from one guild member to another, and money that is directly deposited into the guild bank, just from leveling up the guild. A great perk that also comes in this range is the increased chance that a person within the guild who is working up a profession has to get a skill up, even on a yellow or green recipe.

Guild Level 21+

Once your guild hits level 21, the leveling process will slow down significantly as there is a lot more experience required, but the perks still keep coming. One of the perks allows people to fly from one flight path to another in a quarter less time, while another doubles the effects of all guild cauldron buffs. The big perk that comes with a guild hits level 25 is a resurrection that covers every deceased member of the guild and brings them back to life with about a third of their health and their mana. One of the most beloved perks is when you gain an extra 10% of the materials you gather through your professions, including the disenchanting process. This allows people to skill up faster and be more helpful to the guild.

Leveling up a guild is an important process and should not be overlooked. If you have not ever looked through the guild perks, open up your guild tab and look and see what perks are coming that you can work toward. All of the guild members working together to hit the maximum guild experience per day can help the guild level up quickly, giving the benefits to all guild members.


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